Welcome to Salos, an innovative digital health platform aimed at organizing and enhancing interactions within the health ecosystem. Committed to revolutionizing healthcare, we serve multiple stakeholders by offering an integrated solution that combines three key platforms, each tailored to cater to a specific user profile.

A personal health and wellness platform designed for individuals with a high consciousness for personal health and self-care. Available as both a web and mobile application, aims to empower individuals in their health and wellness journey.


A dedicated patient and clinic management platform crafted for healthcare professionals. Primarily web-based, salos.medics is also available as a mobile application with limited features, offering professionals the tools to manage their patients and clinics effectively.

A specialized digital health platform for large-scale service providers or research institutions within the healthcare ecosystem. Exclusive to web, hosts purpose-oriented services to drive research and improve healthcare delivery.

Our Story

Salos was born out of Scope, a digital agency with an extensive background in digital innovation and medical technology. Throughout our history, Scope has championed digital transformation in healthcare, delivering numerous award-winning projects that have pushed boundaries and set new standards in the industry. Leveraging a team of expert developers, digital strategists, and healthcare professionals, Scope carved out its place at the forefront of the medical-digital intersection.

Scope's wealth of experience in the medical and digital arenas laid the groundwork for the conception of Salos. Recognising the potential of digital technology to revolutionise healthcare, and driven by a commitment to patient-centric care, we began the journey to create a platform that would change the face of healthcare as we know it.



Salos is more than just a digital health platform; it is an integrative ecosystem that brings together healthcare providers, patients, and large-scale health organizations. We believe in the power of unity and collaboration in enhancing the delivery and efficiency of healthcare services.


With roots in a digital agency renowned for its innovative prowess, Salos embodies a culture of innovation. We continuously seek to push boundaries and stay at the cutting edge of medical and digital technologies to provide our users with the best solutions possible.


As part of Scope, we carry a legacy of delivering award-winning projects. We commit to uphold this standard of excellence in Salos, ensuring we provide top-quality service to all our users.


We understand that every individual's health journey is unique, and we have designed our platforms to cater to these unique needs. With, salos.medics, and, we offer personalized health solutions, tailored to each user group's specific requirements.


Through, we empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. We offer tools and resources to help users enhance their health consciousness and self-care practices.

Medical Expertise

Our platform isn't just tech-savvy, it's medically grounded. Our expert medical team is integral to our operations, ensuring that our digital solutions are informed by deep, practical medical insights.

Salos is on a journey to become a significant partner within the health ecosystem. As we grow, we aim to expand our reach, serving an even broader range of users within the healthcare sector. Our vision is not just to provide solutions, but to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. Our future is one where digital health becomes the norm rather than the exception.

We see a future where healthcare is seamlessly integrated, highly personalised, and intuitively easy to navigate - and we strive to be at the forefront of this transformation.

But our ambitions extend beyond digital health platforms. We aspire to be a catalyst for change, fostering collaboration and progress within the healthcare ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships and continuous engagement with all stakeholders, we aim to contribute to a healthier, more efficient, and more accessible global healthcare environment.

At Salos, we believe in the power of digital technology to reshape healthcare for the better, and we are committed to turning this vision into reality. Join us on this journey to redefine the future of healthcare.